When I was still racing Go-Karts with WKA, Tom was our series announcer.  He saw something in me and was among the first outside of my family to really believe in me as a racer.  He put us together with Legend Car Crew Chief Dan Snyder and we won a Summer Shootout Championship at Charlotte Motor Speedway and many other races together with Tom’s coaching and Dan’s ability with setups.  When it was time for us to move up, Tom got us hooked up with Orion Motorsports and Ed Cox, where we won a bunch of Limited Late Model races together.  I learned how to speak and how to focus on racing as a business from Tom.  The things he has taught me and his efforts for all those years with us as a family definitely helped to put me in a position to win the 2014 Peak Stock Car Dream Challenge.”NASCAR Late Model and K&N Pro Series West Racer Christian PaHud - North Carolina
Tom has been pivotal in helping me to achieve several personal successes. Many of the things he’s taught me over the years have inspired confidence, given me charisma and enabled me to keep moving forward and pushing myself to accomplish new goals. Tom has a talent for coaching and motivating others that you just don’t find anywhere else. I still implement and use his methods and teachings today in my professional career and I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone who is looking to go to the next level.Financial Analyst Josh Philpott - New York
“Tom taught me to maximize my true potential through high school, college, graduate school as well as in my professional career.  His methods have allowed me to see my mistakes and capitalize on them. Tom has also taught me to embrace the spiritual side of things by accepting Christ into every part of my life.  His approach is not only unique but affective.  I would recommend his motivational speaking, professional coaching and promotional programs to anyone who is serious about success and achievement. By following Tom’s guidelines and coaching my life has improved financially, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually.”Investment Advisor / Fixed Income Broker Jake Arey – Arkansas
“Tom was one of the best promoters/managers I have ever had.  He put 100 percent of himself into his work.  He brought a level of energy that excited the fans and the drivers.  The work he did on our track program was superb.  When he had the opportunity to go down South, I hated to lose him but it was clearly the right move for him.  If he and I could have stayed together, I believe we would have accomplished some very special things.”Chemung Speedrome Track Owner Bob Stapleton – New York
“Tom coached me through the process of preparing to preach my first sermon in our youth group at church. He taught me the finer points of speech dynamics and speaking in front of an audience. When we think about a life coach some of us think of a person who just tells you what you should and shouldn’t do. Tom has done more than that. He’s been there for me during times of stress when I thought the only option I had was failure. His strategies have pushed me to work harder and be much more organized. His support has been the key to my success. Tom explains things very well, lays out your options and challenges you to become better in a positive way. He is a great friend and awesome mentor. ”UNC-Charlotte Student Dalton Reynolds – North Carolina
“Tom has been a coach and mentor for me ever since I was in High School. I was once an aspiring musician but now I’m working toward a career as a graphic designer and working with several bowling-related companies.  Tom taught me to never give up on my dreams, but to focus on giving them my all and doing whatever it takes to achieve them.  He’s also teaching me about making myself marketable, about how to stand out in a positive way and about ways to use my skills to make a difference for others.” Matt Cockrell – Tennessee
“Tom has helped me grow in many ways since I got to know him about fifteen years ago.  He’s been both a good teacher and a good friend to our family as well. He’s always there for his clients whether they need help with their career or guidance on something in their lives. He was there for our family through some very bad times and he always knows what to say to make a difficult situation seem easier. Tom understands how to help you design a path to reach your chosen goals and then stays with you to help you adjust and refine that path as you grow.  I still rely on his advice and am thankful he’s been there with me through college and now in my daily life.”Test Engineer/Champion Racer Andrew Schartner – North Carolina
“In my first full year of racing Late Models, Tom took me from the back of the pack to top five in points and Rookie of the Year in half-a-season with his coaching.  I’ve learned so much from Tom. He’s taught me to be more patient and relaxed on the track, and I’ve also become more confident in myself as a person too. I wouldn’t be the racer or the person that I am without Tom’s influence and I can’t thank him enough.”Late Model Racer David Latour – North Carolina
“Tom’s guidance and direction have been a huge influence on my son Trey. I’ve seen him grow immensely in the past two years. Tom has taught Trey how to channel his intensity and mental focus and really brought his personality and confidence out.   He helped us to begin growing his brand through his press releases, personal appearances, and radio interviews. He lays out a plan for his clients and then provides the ongoing support and guidance to help them do things right.”Roger Jarrell – Father of Late Model racer Trey Jarrell – Virginia
“Nick’s grades and his attitude have definitely improved since he started working with Tom. The personal development skills they teach will help him no matter what he does in life, and the direction Tom has provided us as a team has given us a plan of attack to promote Nick up the ladder. He does an awesome job promoting his drivers and teaching them how to build their brand.  We’re in our fifth year with Tom and Team Full Throttle and we really enjoy having him as a coach and mentor.”Keith Lascuola – Father of Late Model racer Nick Lascuola, – Massachussetts
“Chris and I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with Chris, Jr. Your clients are truly lucky to have you as a mentor. The dedication that you show amazes me.”Laurie Igo –Stepmother of Client Chris Igo, Jr. – Massachussetts
“Tom has taught me to be more confident in myself and proved to me that if I work hard enough anything can happen for me. He is a strong leader who always looks for talent in a person and shows us how to grow and improve as individuals as well as in our careers.”Joey King – Illinois
“My time with Tom was not like going through a day of school or being lectured in an auditorium, it was presented in such a way that it kept my full attention the entire time. He is an awesome story teller and he explains things in a way that you can relate to. Tom and I covered subjects like attitude, teamwork, leadership, maximizing your potential, marketing skills and how to present yourself to the media.  I’ve learned so much from him.  Tom made me a better person.”Chris Igo, Jr – Massachussetts
“It was nice meeting you this weekend, Tom. What you said really helped me out. You told me that if I change how I talk to myself and think about my racing I will start running in the top five and then I went out there and did it! Thanks for all of your help!”Small Block Supermodified Racer Anthony Losurdo – New York
“I wanted to say thank you for all you’re doing for me with your coaching.  You help me a lot!  I see my racing totally differently now than I did before you started working with me.  I am looking forward to you spotting me at the track, too!”Cole Miller, NASCAR Whelen Weekly Racing Series Racer – Texas
“I really appreciate you taking the time out while you were at Oswego to help my son Anthony.  You didn’t have to do that and I saw the difference that your advice and the time you spent talking with him made immediately.  You are very, very good at what you do and I just wanted you to know how much it meant to me.”Jim Losurdo, father of SBS Racer Anthony Losurdo, – New York

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