Frequently Asked Questions

Team Full Throttle’s Motorsports Division provides personal and professional development services along with turn-key promotional services for drivers, and utilizes our experience and creative energy to help tracks, teams, and racing series with their communications needs as well.
FAQ’S about Team Full Throttle’s Motorsports Division…

Most parents who buy race cars for their son or daughter to race don’t understand that they are really starting a business. Because racing is a different type of sport than the traditional stick and ball sports that kids play in school, it takes a different mindset and approach in order to be successful.

Team Full Throttle Founder and Performance Coach Tom Baker has had 20 years of experience coaching and mentoring youth in and out of racing, making TFT the perfect choice for those trying to assure themselves of making their investment in a racing operation pay off.

“Think about it,” Baker says. “If your son or daughter wants to be a tennis pro, you go get him a tennis coach and maybe a sports psychologist to coach them up to the professional level. All stick and ball sports have coaches. I can provide the necessary coaching to help a young racer with technique and the mental game along with a top-notch public relations and branding program to build the driver’s brand and get known so they can add significant value to a sponsor.”

For those who just want to be short track racers, we provide press releases, website creation and maintenance, and access to national media platforms to maximize their sponsors’ investment and brand exposure. We can also create a marketing kit that is tailored to the specific driver and series. Our program’s services make your team more attractive to a sponsor just as a successful business would be to an investor.

For those who are trying to climb the racing ladder, we provide all the promotion described above plus the necessary career guidance, team placement assistance, and driver coaching in areas such as on-track techniques, media, and marketing. It becomes an all-in-one. We work with the team or family to lay out a career path and then set goals for each season, evaluating as we go. The skills we teach the driver off the track will sharply increase their leadership and life skills and help them to be more successful at whatever they do in or out of racing.

If you started a new business and invested money in equipment and employees, but no money in marketing, how would you ever expect the business to grow? Your race “team” is a business. If you expect anyone to ever know anything about what your driver is doing, you have to either take the time to do all the marketing yourself, or partner with someone else to do it.

Our company provides multi-media, multi-platform exposure for our racers, teams, and organizations, and enhances your social media as well. Our clients get more value out of one win than most drivers do all year simply because we’re telling people about it and it’s being put out there over and over through the various media outlets we use and partner with. This is what the sponsors want to see. It’s not about putting their name on your car; it’s about how many sets of eyes you put them in front of because those eyes are attached to potential new customers for them.

No. Although we’re probably best known for our values-driven driver development and coaching programs and training, we provide affordable expert marketing and promotional programs including website development and maintenance for racers, tracks, series, and related businesses at all levels and all experience groups.
Team Full Throttle customizes programs to fit each individual racer, team, or series, depending on needs, so the tuition or fees vary. Email us at and tell us about yourself and your needs and let us show you how we can work together to maximize your motorsports investment!