Tom’s expertise in Personal Development and in all phases of the Media are put to good use with his Motorsports clients.

Race teams look for racers who can attract sponsor dollars, are willing to do the hard work it takes during the week to build and maintain a fan base, know how to handle adversity and understand how to communicate effectively with members of their team, the media and companies they represent.

With over 400 wins, championships and special awards to their credit over the years, the results of Coach Tom’s mental focus training and professionalism show on the track and off. His drivers excel in areas of sportsmanship, leadership, communications with media and sponsors and consistency in their on-track performance.

In addition to his success with drivers, Tom has also been instrumental in giving several current members of the media their initial green flag in their field through his radio show and past website ownership. Keith Shampine (World Karting Association), Dan Kapuscinski (Oswego Speedway PR), Chris Watson (Time-Warner TV in Syracuse, N.Y.), Jeff Dennison (Bobby Labonte’s Breaking Limits) and Joel Sebastianelli (The Boxing Fix and The Tom Baker Show) all got their first professional opportunity on Tom’s radio show.

Currently Tom is working with a whole new group of NextGen Motorsports media talent on his national Motorsports news site, RaceChaser Online and three racing radio shows (soon to be 5 in 2015!) that are partnered with the largest 24/7 worldwide wireless mobile motorsports network, the Performance Motorsports Network.  Jacob Seelman of Speed 77 Radio, 2015 Mazda Road To Indy TV broadcaster Joel Sebastianelli and writers Steven Ovens, Kyle Magda, Kyle Souza, Ryan Kent, Marshall Gabell and Ryan O’Hara are all under Tom’s guidance as they develop their Motorsports Media resumes.

“It is humbling when God gives you the chance to help someone define their direction or get some experience through your resources,” Tom says. “All of these people are true professionals. There were several people who opened doors for me when I was young and several who are doing that now. I’m thankful that I could pass what others have taught me onto them. It’s always exciting and it’s still one of the most enjoyable parts of what I do.”