Lascoula Adds To Seekonk Record With 13th Win

Abington, Mass – Nick Lascoula’s dream season continued last Friday night at Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, Massachussetts when he scored his 13th feature win of the season in the INEX Legend Car division. The win added to a record Nick had already set the week before for most wins in one division in a season at the track.

Nick started 10th and fought a loose condition early. He stayed on the outside to do most of his passing in the first seven laps of the race and got to third place by the time leader Brandon Packard spun out on lap 7.

Restarting in second with hotshoe Dylan Izzo in third, the pair set sail after leader T.J. Thompson. A few laps later it was Izzo in front with Nick second and Thompson third as the race neared the halfway mark.

“My car was loose off the corners early in the race,” Nick explained. “Dylan was better than I was and he had gotten by. I decided to fall in behind him and we were able to eventually pass T.J. to take over first and second. I almost hit the wall one lap because the car was so loose. But as the race went on it started to tighten up and I got faster. Dylan was doing the opposite. He was fading a bit toward the end.”

That difference in the handling of their cars allowed Nick to shoot off the top of turn three coming to lap 20 and dive under Izzo for the lead and the eventual win.

“That was fun,” the driver smiled afterward. “I am so happy for my family and my fans and for 15-40 Connection, Barrett’s Haunted Mansion and everyone who has supported this effort all year long. I love racing Legends here. To win 13 times in one year is beyond anything I could have ever imagined and I just can’t thank everyone enough who has helped us all through the years to get to this point.”

Nick nearly had another historical night on Saturday in the 30-lap Late Model feature. He led from laps 2 through 26, at one point stretching it out to a 10 car-length lead.

A lap 26 yellow flag put Jeramie Lille next to him for the restart with Bobby Pelland behind him. Nick picks up the story.

“Going into turn three after the restart, Lillie got into my right rear just slightly and it tightened up my car just for a second. As we came off turn four, I was a little bit higher than I normally was on the track and I guess that gave Pelland the idea he could go to the bottom and make it three cars wide.”

That’s when Nick’s night took a sour turn.

“Pelland got about halfway up my left rear quarter-panel but that’s as far as he got,” the driver continued. “I angled my car to set up for the corner and he stayed in the gas, so by the time we got to the corner I was spun around. The officials sent us both to the back. I passed four cars after the restart to finish sixth, but we could have had a win. We finished fifth in points, which was really good, but we would have had third if we had won tonight. Again, thanks to our team and everyone who makes this possible. We did our best! We’ll go back and spend the next couple of weeks getting ready for the D.A.V. Fall Classic on October 3rd and 4th.”

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Fans can also follow Nick through his Facebook page (Fans of Nick Lascuola) and his Twitter Page (@NickLascuola39).

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About Nick Lascuola

17-year-old Nick Lascuola is currently in his rookie season of racing Late Model stock cars at Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, Massachussetts after three years of racing INEX Legends Cars.

He is the 2013 and 2014 Seekonk Speedway INEX Legend Car track champion. He also finished fifth in 2014 in Late Model points, his rookie year in the division, with four second place finishes.  He finished 9th in INEX National Points in 2012, winning the Massachusetts state championship for the second straight year as as well.

Nick is being coached and promoted by Performance Coach Tom Baker of Team Full Throttle in Charlotte, N.C.

His marketing partners include Nick’s Pit Stop, The Brake Man,, Barrett’s Haunted Mansion, Champion Spark Plugs, The Joie Of Seating, Beagle Printing, and Crow Collision.

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